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Welcome to the website! Here are the Best Motorcycle Insurance companies. Please use the links to find our in depth reviews of the company. Also see the “pages” tab to the right for more Info. Featured Article: Why you need Motorcycle insurance


Our Top 3 Best Motorcycle Insurance companies!

1. Geico - Congratulations Geico you are our number one pick for Motorcycle insurance!, Although receiving very strong marks in customer service it tends to give us higher quotes than our other top companies. To see our full review go HERE.     Pick Geico for the best service

2. Progressive - At a strong #2 Progressive comes in just short of first place  The main reasons Progressive is our second Best Motorcycle Insurance is because of there large amount of coverage options, high customer review rating (but not as high as Geico, and best value. To see our full review go HERE.    Pick Progressive for the best value

3. Nationwide – Rounding it out and still a strong pick is Nationwide. Great all around package but just does not stand out as being particularly better than progressive in price or Gieco with customer service scores. To see our full review go HERE.



BUNDLE: Often the best pick is the one with the best bundle, if you are paying for car insurance already you can find better deals by bundling than getting insurance from two different providers. Read our article about the Best Motorcycle Insurance for Bundling


Honorable Mentions

Best Motorcycle Insurance

  • State Farm – Great customer satisfaction ratings
  • Esurance – Super fast and easy insurance all done online
  •  Liberty Mutual – Tons of packages to choose from


BONUS: Smaller companies can provide even better and more personalized service if you have nearby access to them here are a few to consider. Although we do recommend our top three pricks more.

Gmac Insurance (link to their website)

Dairyland Auto (Link to their website)

SafeCo Insuance (Link to their website)



 Choose The Best Motorcycle Insurance for you!

Many people spend a large amount of money to own a motor bike. Riding a motor bike sometimes is very dangerous. Accidents may happen when unexpected. To feel safe when ridding your motor bike a good insurance cover is needed. The law requires that motor cycles be insured. Many insurance companies offer different motor cycle insurance covers. When you want to insure your bike choose the best motorcycle insurance cover.

  • Clients consider several factors when choosing which insurance company is the best. The main reason that makes customers insure their bikes with a particular insurance company is the cost. Many customers will prefer the insurance company which offers them affordable price. Insurance companies may offer the same service at different prices. Clients are also interested to know the terms of payments. Many people would choose a company that offers flexible payment terms. Installment payment may be affordable to most people. Clients would choose to insure with the companies that offers them good discount. Insurance companies that include other hidden cost discourage people from insuring with them.
  • Another important thing that influence customer to choose a given insurance company is the services offered. Insurance companies offer different types of insurance covers. They may range from medical, accessories, towing, theft and injuries. Customers would like an insurance that covers their needs. Insurance company may offers services at a cheaper price but client would choose the one that covers all their needs. Insurance company should look for ways to offer a cover that satisfy the customers at an affordable price.
  • Customers like companies that are efficient in offering their services to customers. They like the companies that respond quickly to their calls and needs. Best insurance companies make it easy for their customers to access them even at night. Client would feel comfortable insuring with companies that would compensate them quickly when they raise their claims. A good insurance company would also offer advice and regular information to their clients. Customers would also like insurance companies that take simple and direct procedures when getting their claims. Many people would not prefer insurance companies that they would go through the courts and incurring extra expenses before they get their claims.
  • The best insurance company is the one that caters for every need of their client. Companies with good reputation and are not involved in scandals give clients confidence. Insurance companies should ensure they have good agents and brokers who are offering their services. The best insurance company should be straight forward and always give their client the true information when they are taking their covers.



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